The RealTasteOfTuscany project was started to promote an exclusive network of select, high quality Tuscan products and producers from the various disciplines of art, wine, food, artisans, hospitality, nature, sports and events under one roof and one brand.

The interaction among professional partners from all the various aspects of the Tuscan experience makes for an overarching marketing effort that emphasizes the quality of their products and the quality of the region.

Another goal is to create an outlet for the many distinct areas within the region that each have their own clear characteristics, landscapes and specialties.

The careful examination and selection of each partner guarantees that the brand RealTasteofTuscany will be synonymous with the highest quality of products and services for end consumers.

The intention has always been for RealTasteOfTuscany to stress the content and its quality, non just thepresentation, giving equal weight to the voices of producers, professionals and clients.

The brand RealTasteOfTuscany is based on the collaboration and cooperation amongst producers and clients, and a guarantee that content is always up-to-date, useful, and easily accessible.

The portal includes content based on the territory (events, specialties, producers) as well as a social network connecting Tuscan businesses with end customers and each other.

Our staff, sourcing from both professional partners and fans, then share quality information on a frequent and consistent basis, creating an excellent resource for visitors that promotes quality operations in the area.

and...I'm Veronica, the managing director and owner!

COMMUNICART (, COMMUNICART (, is a communication agency based in Florence that deals with promotion and marketing in Tuscany, carrying out market research, selling advertising space on the internet, publishing books and maps, e-commerce of packaged food and direct e-commerce of other products through physical shipment of editorial products and indirectly through the download of the same directly from the website, procurement of business for Tuscan companies of every local production sector as well as exchange of links for consideration with the same companies and with collaborators web platform managers for electronic commerce. sas is not a travel agency and does not perform tourist booking services. It is possible to book tourist services and rentals presented on our sites only through the official linked sites of the partners.