4 Seasons Mini Kit

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Producer: Selected different Tuscany's partners Producers: butchers, farmhouses, wine estates, bakeries, pastry shops and much more

Experiences by the Partner Producers

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Our kits are a selection of products that we suggest for special occasions or events, a party, a dinner, in short, a sweet thought.
The kits are presented in a convenient shopper bag..very useful also for the future 

The rigatino of Simone Fracassi included in his Selection Kit, is contained in this mini Kit!

Tip by the producers

Here we are, Italian cooking lesson n.1: you will have heard of pasta alla carbonara ... but doing it with the products we have selected, helps to understand the authenticity of the goodness of the recipe.

Products inside the KIT

  1. Simone Fracassi Selezione Toscana Kit
  2. Sincere DOCG Chianti Biodynamic
  3. Top 50 Experiences Real Taste of Tuscany
  4. SenatoreCappelli durum wheat Pasta